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This web site is devoted to matters related to Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy. It includes the Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrant Listing and other information for persons who are interested in their Carpatho-Rusyn ancestry.

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Ethnic Identity

Although this site clearly focuses on Carpatho-Rusyn genealogy, it is recognized that the ethnic background of persons from areas where Carpatho-Rusyns lived (primarily where Poland, Slovakia, the Ukraine, and Hungary adjoin or nearly adjoin) is often in doubt. Many other ethnic groups previously lived or now live in this area (Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, German, Jewish, and others). Understandably, many persons whose ancestors come from this area are unclear of their ethnic origins. Also, there was intermarriage between such groups before and after immigration. The focus at this web site is on information that may aid those interested in genealogy in tracing their ancestors, all or some of whom may have been Carpatho-Rusyns. Much of this information may be found in listings and publications of other ethnic groups. Unlike organizations or individuals whose goals are to primarily promote ethnic identity, the goal at this site is to promote genealogical research for those whose ancestors may be Carpatho-Rusyns. Information posted at this site will reflect that goal.

Carpatho-Rusyns have also been known as Rusyns, Rusins, Rusnaks, Ruthenes, Ruthenians, Carpatho-Russians, Carpatho-Ruthenians, Carpatho-Ukrainians and Lemkos.

Surname Listings

The Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrant Listing: Now available--the names and villages (for most) of the first 244 of approximately 25,000 Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants! The first 244 names are of immigrants who died starting in 1926. (More information on this source will be posted here in the future.)  I found the brother of my great-grandfather early in this listing!  It gave me his birth place, which was previously unknown!  I know of no ethnic group that has a more comprehensive and inclusive resource available. If you find a name of interest in this listing, just send a SASE to get a copy of the page with that name. For more information, see the Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrant Listing-Alphabetical.

  • Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrant Listing-Alphabetical (244 names) (updated 5/26/03)
  • Udol(Ujak)/Hajtovka Surname Listing (84 names) (added 6/14/98)
  • The following listing is no longer being maintained, but is kept here for informational purposes:

  • Carpatho-Rusyn Surname Listing-Alphabetical (898 names) (updated 7/10/98)
  • Carpatho-Rusyn Surname Listing-Geographical (898 names) (updated 7/10/98)

  • Feature Articles

    Ruthenians, Immigration and the Greek Catholic Church in Passaic, New Jersey: 1890 to 1930
    Part I: Historical Background by Joy Kovalycsik (7/10/98)

    This is a fascinating article by Joy Kovalycsik. When pursuing detailed genealogical research, a rewarding first step (before you even get to the records) would be to undertake a comprehensive study of what prompted your ancestors to come to the U.S. and what their lives were like after they arrived.


  • Carpathian Village People Booklet

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    Photos of Carpatho-Rusyn Villages

    Article Submittals

    Your genealogical efforts have almost certainly yielded information which would be helpful to others. Why not write an article which will help others? We would be happy to publish it here. Contact Greg with your article idea today. Please enter Rusyn Article as the subject line in your e-mail to Thanks!



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